The Commissionerate Afghan Refugees, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was established in 1979 and in the 31 years we have played a key role in providing humanitarian assistance and relief to the Afghan Refugees and since last 6 years also to the Internally Displaced persons (IDPs) in Pakistan due to earthquake, Conflict and Floods. Through this journey we have acquired experience, expertise, human resource and the technical knowhow for a coordinated, swift and productive response in case of natural disasters and conflict situations, especially in the establishment of camps for Refugees and IDPs. We have the mandate of Camp Administration, coordination and Management for both Refugees and IDPs. Working with UN Agencies, INGOs and NGOs we have been striving hard not only to provide assistance and relief but in the longer context to find durable solutions for the displaced Refugees and Population. This has been done through the modern Cluster approach applied through all sectors of providing assistance and relief to the IDPs.

With this experience and trained staff being our strength, we Endeavor to provide any assistance, training and support our partners in the Humanitarian community may require, we invite all stake holders to come forward if they need any kind of assistance, support and our guidance to work in the humanitarian field.