The Project Management Unit is working as centralized entity within the Commissionerate Afghan Refugees KP that is responsible for setting standards, providing guidance/direction, enforcing accountability and establishing discipline in order to manage all projects of CAR in an objective and consistent manner.  All the four Additional Commissioners (i.e. ACR Headquarters, ACR Logistics, ACR General & ACR Security) are under the umbrella of this unit with backstopping support from Commissioner Afghan Refugees KP. Furthermore, the Legal Cell having three legal advisors are also managed by this unit. Its mandate includes to serve as a unit to create a communication and decision making platform for results in Commissionerate-wide efficiencies and synergies.


Furthermore, the Project Management Unit is responsible for dealing with all the financial, audit (internal/external), narrative progress reports and procurement matters of all projects working under the umbrella of CAR. The financial records including progress reports and maintenance of all CAR cells, (i.e. Project Directorate Health, Community Development Unit, Solution Strategy Unit & Project Management Unit), are regularly supervised and maintained by the PMU.  Besides, the regular budget/account of the staff of Afghan Commissionerate are also maintained by PMU.  The Project Management Unit strictly observes all the required formalities and rules/ regulations as per UNHCR policy and Government department.  The PMU is also responsible for developing an integrated M&E Plan for CAR Cells of Pillar 1. PMU will ensures the projects deliverables with predictable consistency, efficiency and success; (this also include to review progress through monthly progress review meetings and enforce project standards regarding implementation of activities).  


The Project Management Unit (PMU) operates as a centralized unit under the overall supervision and guidance of Commissionerate Afghan Refugees KP. Being a centralized entity, the PMU continuously provides the requisite technical and managerial guidance to all CAR projects (i.e. Pillar 01 and Pillar 03) to ensure effective implementation of the programme at provincial level. The financial record and maintenance of all projects, (i.e. Project Director Health, CDU/Education, Solution Strategy Unit, PMU & RAHA) are regularly maintained by the PMU. Focus of the role is also on Programme Management and Monitoring. Therefore, PMU constantly makes sure that sub projects funded by UNHCR are efficient, cost effective and result oriented benefiting Afghan refugees national and Pakistan host communities throughout in KP. PMU is responsible to efficiently run the smooth and timely financial transactions/documentations and narrative periodic reporting for all the activities of projects in health, Solution Strategy Unit and community development unit/education. It has one Chief Finance Officer, one ACR (HQ), four Additional Commissioners and one Coordinator (projects) with auxiliary staff in order to achieve the stated objectives. Moreover, the PMU ensures the implement of the following arrangements. 


  • Projects management including project schedules, tracking and reporting (both financial and narrative)
  • Projects administrative guidance and supervision including resource allocation and management.
  • Cost and schedule control
  • Facilitation of pre and post audits
  • Support initiatives for staff capacity building including training, mentoring , coaching and team building
  • Continuous quality improvement and risk management

About CAR

Commissionerate Afghan Refugees was established in 1979 under the Federal Government Orders to facilitate the Afghan Refugees who were crossing the borders and coming into Pakistan to find refuge due to the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

There is a Commissionerate for Afghan Refugees (CAR) in each Province of the country and having the Chief Commissionerate (CCAR) based in Islamabad. All the Commissionerates and the Chief Commissioner work under the Ministry of SAFRON, Islamabad.

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