The Voluntary Repatriation Center (VRC) Peshawar is located in Gul Abad, Chamkani on main Grand Trunk (GT) road and remains open from Sunday to Thursday 08:00 to 3:30pm.  The voluntary repatriation of registered Afghan Refugees are daily processed though this VRC.  Upon arrival to Voluntary Repatriation Centre (VRC) Chamkani, the Afghan returnees sign a Voluntary Repatriation Form (VRF). CAR’s priorities when it comes to return are to promote enabling conditions for voluntary repatriation; to ensure the exercise of a free and informed choice; and to mobilize support for returnees. In practice, Commissionerate Afghan Refugees KP promotes and facilitates voluntary repatriation through various means, including organizing "go-and-see" visits for refugees; compiling updated information on their country and region of origin;

The deputed staff of Commissionerate Afghan Refugees (CAR) always makes sure that the Afghan Refugees approaching the VRC Chamkani must bring their own and family members’ valid proof of registration cards along with two family group photos in color besides to wind up their business or shift the belongings to Afghanistan. In addition to their personal belongings, the CAR staff makes sure that AR returnees also bring other valuables with them such as used building material etc.



        Monthly-Wise Repatriation Through VRC Chamkani (2015)

About CAR

Commissionerate Afghan Refugees was established in 1979 under the Federal Government Orders to facilitate the Afghan Refugees who were crossing the borders and coming into Pakistan to find refuge due to the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

There is a Commissionerate for Afghan Refugees (CAR) in each Province of the country and having the Chief Commissionerate (CCAR) based in Islamabad. All the Commissionerates and the Chief Commissioner work under the Ministry of SAFRON, Islamabad.

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