• To promote self Help activities among Afghan Refugees to reduce their dependency on external relief and aid


  • To identify problems and needs of the Afghan Refugees and to enable them to find solution for their own problems.
  • To identify indigenous resource to solve those problems
  • To coordinate and collaborate with counter parts.
  • To mobilize Afghan communities for taking self help initiatives
  • To promote self reliance among refugees
  • To work for sustainable development programmes and activities.
  • To involve communities from planning to implementation.
  • To provide trainings to build the capacity of the refugees.
  • To establish and train CBO’s, SW Committee and child groups in AR camps.
  • To identify vulnerable groups and their actual needs and to provide protection to vulnerable.
  • To create sense of ownership of the problem among the target groups.
  • To enable target groups to find solutions for their problems.
  • To promote Human Rights.