2nd Phase Education Cell from Dec 1995 to March 2006

  • The UNHCR had phased out all the 81 Middle and 7 Secondary Schools from their budget beyond 30/04/1995.
  • All the Primary Schools (277) were handed over to GTZ/BEFARe on 1st January 1996.
  • On the request of the elders of camps the Education Cell prepared PC-1 for re-activation of 81 Middle and 7 Secondary Schools out of SPA for two (02) Academic Sessions 10/12/1995 to 31/03/1998 amounting to Rs.59.706 Million.
  • The SAFRON Ministry had approved the PC-1 and the Middle and Secondary Schools were re-activated out of SPA.
  • Due to budget constraint all the Schools were closed down on 31st March 2006.

School's Statistics (1996-2006)

No. of Schools 1996 2001 2006
Middle Schools (Boys) 55 67 44
Middle Schools (Girls) - 18 13
Secondary Schools (Boys) 04 21 19
Secondary Schools (Girls) - 03 02
Total 59 109 78
Students Enrollment 2400 9438 7017
Number of Teaching Staff 193 618 515

Admission Cases/12th Grade Exam (1996-2006)

  • 2395 Admission cases in respect of Afghan Refugee Students were processed during 1996-2006.
  • From 1996 to 2004 a total number of students appeared in 12th Grade examination is 2269 and onward 2004 UNHCR has stopped the fund for 12th Grade Examination.
  • 1339 cases in r/o AR Students for the award of DAFI scholarship were processed. Against which 1108 AR Students were granted the same.

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