• 11702 cases were processed for Admission in various Professional/Non-Professional in r/o AR Students. In 2010 the total admission cases processed were 830 against 808 that were processed in 2009.
  • 1689 cases in r/o AR Students for the award of DAFI scholarship were processed. Against which 1198 AR Students were granted the same.
  • 592 cases were forwarded to SAFRON Ministry for the award of IDB Scholarship, against which 357 AR Students were awarded IDB Scholarship.
  • More than 2000 teachers of different schools trained for SIP,SMC, M&E, Psychosocial Welfare, Teaching Methodologies, Science Teachers Laboratory training Teaching of English and MSEE.
  • Provision of Laboratories equipments to 50 AR schools benefiting 11858 students.
  • Construction of twin toilets in 29 AR schools.
  • Provision of Tube wells for clean drinking water in 20 AR schools and the local AR community.
  • Ensured access to education and establishment of EMIS.

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