EYDC established at CAR, KP in 2018 through its staff makes special efforts to reach out and respond to the needs of Afghan refugee students and Youth, particularly girls and design programs for constructive and productive alternatives. EYDC ensures that Afghan Refugees have optimal access to education with safe teaching and learning environment, co-curricular activities, and ensure Youth development through skill development, career counselling, sports, etc.

Moreover, it also ensures that Afghan Refugees living in 43 Refugee Villages and Urban clusters in KP have optimal access to education through continuous monitoring of the Afghan Refugee Schools that are run by UNHCR through its Implementing Partners (IPs).

The Education & Youth Development Cell (EYDC) ensures that urban refugees have access to education and other healthy activities and services which are provided to the local population. Refugee children in urban areas are facilitated and mainstreamed in National Education System. Similarly, efforts are also made to upgrade and facilitate the self-help schools run by the Afghan community in urban areas.

EYDC key responsibilities are outlined below:

● EYDC is majorly involved in processing Afghan refugee’s admissions to Professional Colleges and Institutes of Pakistan against the reserved seats in MBBS, BDS, D-Pharmacy and B.Sc Engineering for Afghan Refugees, thus streamlining the Afghan refugee education into National Education System at Higher Level. Each year Interviews of Afghan refugee students are conducted against the reserved seats in MBBS, BDS, and D-Pharmacy at CAR Headquarters, Peshawar.


● Carry out routine admissions of Afghan refugee students at Schools, Colleges and Universities throughout the year. The process of registration/renewal of Afghan self-help schools and vocational centres is also carried out all year long.


● Integrates afghan refugee children into the Public Education System and the Provincial education sector to ensure sustainability and to support the peaceful co-existence of refugees within host communities.


● Conducts advocacy sessions regarding the certification and admission of Afghan Refugee children in the National Education System. Advocates for reserved seats in higher education professional and non-professional institutes. Moreover, also advocates for Scholarships, Internships, Streamlining mechanisms, Livelihood programs, referrals, and Youth Development.

●  Maintains close coordination with different Universities like KMU, UET, Peshawar University, and many other Educational institutes regarding reserved seats for Afghan refugees.

●  Promotes community involvement through the establishment of education/youth committees.

● Conducts sensitization and community mobilization campaigns to promote enrolment and retention through community involvement. Likewise, identify out-of-school children and enrol them in schools in various camps through AR community support.

●  Promote Primary education and advocates for higher-level education.

●  Promote a safe learning environment, especially for girls.

●  Facilitate and promote sports programs and youth engagement.

EYDC keeps close coordination with its stakeholder, service provider, IPs, OPs, UNHCR and conducts monthly meetings with the Community, SMC, Youth Committees, stakeholders, and service providers.