Project directorate Health under the administrative control of commissioner Afghan Refugees KPK, Provide health services in Afghan Refugees villages (ARVs) in Khyber Pukhtun Khawa province of Pakistan.

The services are provided with the collaboration of the NGOs - FPHC & ICMC where as the former is funded by UNHCR and the later have own resources.

Our primary aspect of operation as usual was reinforcement of the preventive sides of medical practice and providing linkages with the community in order to disseminate information on public health measures.

Goals:  To improve the health status of the population in Afghan Refugee camps ensuring access to high quality primary health care.


·        Curative

·        Preventive

·        Promotive

·        Referral


·        Medical (consultation)

·        Mother and child health care

·        Reproductive health including HIV/AIDs

·        Expanded program on Immunization

·        TB

·        Malaria, Dengue, Leishmaniosis

·        First Aid

·        Health education

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