The Refugee Affected and Hosting Areas Joint Programme Component has identified five integrated outcomes. In combination, these will rehabilitate the lives of people in refugee affected areas and support those in hosting areas improve their current standard of living while promoting a more peaceful co-existence with Afghans. Under each of these major outcomes several outputs have been identified as linked to the four roles of the UN.

JPC Outcome 1

Greater social cohesion and empowerment through community development in refugee affected and hosting areas.


  • Communities empowered to promote social cohesion and harmony
  • Community and village level participatory monitoring systems established.
  • Provincial and local government institutional coordination mechanism strengthened to support RA communities.

JPC Outcomes 2

Improved livelihood and local economies in refugee-affected and hosting areas.


  • Improved household income through development of entrepreneurial skills, income generation activities, and access to diversified livelihood opportunities.
  • Crop production and food security increased.
  • Vegetable production and marketing improved and strengthened.
  • Livestock production and marketing enhancement programme for refugee affected areas.
  • Local irrigation systems and networks revived.
  • Farm to market and village roads rehabilitated or constructed.
  • Community physical infrastructure rehabilitated or construted.

JPC Outcome 3

Restoration of social services and infrastructures in refugee-affected and hosting areas.


  • Management and awareness of education, health, water and sanitation strengthened and increased.
  • Educational delivery systems from primary to secondary level improved.
  • Educational infrastructure from primary to secondary level rehabilitated.
  • Health delivery systems improved.
  • Health infrastructure repaired and enhanced.
  • Increased community access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation.

JPC Outcome 4

Improved social protection among co-existing Pakistani and Afghan communities living in hosting areas.


  • Expand and strengthen protection services for Pakistani and Afghan communities.
  • Raise the visibility of refugee issues and maintain asylum space for registered Afghans.

JPC Outcome 5

Restoration and improvement of the environment in refugee affected areas.


  • Rehabilitate natural forest covers and degraded rangelands.
  • Improved natural habitats and breeding grounds for declining species.

Components 1-3 will be implemented in refugee affected and hosting areas, while component four will be hosting areas and 5 in affected-areas only.


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